New MiScore History Feature

In MiScore’s latest update, users will have access to personal score history from every round (social and competition rounds). This historical reference is designed to help golfers monitor their progress over time. We expect this to be released in late February 2021! Please note that personal score history will only be available after the new update is released. Therefore, users will not have access to any scores submitted prior to the update.

The MiScore app will update automatically on most mobile devices. When updated, users will receive a notification in-app when score history is available. Check your main menu later in February to access score history. If you believe MiScore has not updated automatically, then you can check if there are any updates available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

MiScore history will record important information like total scores, the course location, date of the round, the type of round (competition or social), and the total playing time. Users will even be able to see their playing partner’s name and their total score from the round. This can be a helpful reference if there are any issues with final scores after a competition round. If there are any issues with your final score for a competition round, please get in contact with golf staff.

Holding phone and viewing history of rounds played

Score history is saved to the user’s profile. So, if you happen to get a new mobile device, you can still access previously recorded history by logging in to the MiScore app. Logging in requires your personal MiScore username and password which is created when registering on the MiScore app. The username will either be your Apple ID, Google account, Facebook account, or a personal email address. If you create a new MiScore account, then score history from another account will not be available.

The MiScore history update does not include an average score guide but you can expect this functionality in future updates! The MiStats feature for members is another great way to track performance in competition rounds at your home club. You can track statistics like how many rounds you have played, average stableford score, best holes, worst holes, percentage par per hole, and more. Access MiStats from the main menu in MiScore.

History of rounds played

History of rounds played

Access the history through Settings. Rounds are displayed in top-down chronological order. The round history can be filtered to easily identify results from a particular date without excessive scrolling. Quickly identify scoring information from the list view.

  • Course location
  • Round type (social or competition)
  • Date
  • 9 or 18 holes
  • Total score
History of round

Score History

Tap on a round from the list view to see more detailed information.

  • Total score
  • Daily handicap
  • Course played
  • Long date
  • Round type (competition or social)
  • Total playing time
  • Course par
  • Playing partner’s name
  • Playing partner’s total score

Screenshot and share scores with friends or post them to social media. When posting to Instagram, don’t forget to add the hashtag #miscoreapp to get our attention. We would love to hear how you’re enjoying the app and new score history feature. You can also reach us by opening MiScore’s main menu and tapping “Feedback”. Fill in the survey to review the app and offer any suggestions on how we can improve.

The next item for MiScore development is a putt counter to record putting strokes. This was a popular request from users! When entering scores, you will be able to record the number of putting strokes on each hole and refer to them later in history. Putting consistency can be challenging even for experienced Golfers! Review a quantitative analysis and track improvement.

Further MiScore updates will be released throughout the year. Follow MiScore online and keep up-to-date with our blog for the latest news.

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