MiScore update: UX changes and Comp Guest button

In the latest MiScore update (released 22 April 2021), we have added a “Comp Guest” button and additional user experience (UX) changes. Golfers can now easily sign-in to a new venue as a guest competitor. Just add a new venue and tap “Comp Guest” when registered in a competition as a visitor. This removes the need for a temporary login in away competitions. Just a couple of taps and you’re ready to start scoring!

Please note: a user subscription is required to use MiScore at competition venues without a club membership.

A MiScore subscription can be purchased from the App Store or Google Play Store for only $16.49 per annum. With a subscription, golfers can use the MiScore app at over 500 venues for competitions or social play. MiScore improves golf experiences with scoring features like the GPS distance to pin, round timer, and live leaderboards.

MiScore What's New

Name ID

When logged in to the home club, golfers will see their name (ID) displayed on the venue. This confirms a golfer is logged in to a venue as an active member. If you have multiple club memberships, use the “Member Login” button to login to these venues with MiScore.

Menu UX

Design changes have been implemented to improve the user experience of the MiScore menu. “Settings” are now on a separate tab within the menu, making it easier to locate and adjust display preferences. Enable putts, change units of measure, or adjust the screen saver timer.

The main menu still contains links to helpful MiScore features like leaderboards, score history, profile details, MiStats, Handicap details and local rules. Golfers can manage their subscription within the app or sign out of MiScore.

MiScore Menu and Settings

Score history sync

Score history data synchronizes with your MiScore account. Therefore, if a user deletes the MiScore app or gets a new mobile device, they can still reinstall MiScore to access all previous score history data used with MiScore (from mid-March 2021). Score history is accessible from the menu.


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