MiScore Club Subscription

MiScore Club Subscription

Due to popular demand, we are providing a MiScore Club Subscription. Golf clubs can purchase a subscription for all of their members (club access only).

To be eligible for a MiScore Club Subscription, a golf club or course must be using MiClub’s Golf or OneGolf software. With a Club Subscription, members can only use the MiScore app with an active financial membership. Visitors or members that wish to use MiScore at venues other than the subscribed club will need to purchase a separate user subscription.

Why a MiScore Club Subscription?

Enhanced Golf Experience

Offer your members a better golf experience by simplifying the formal scoring process and facilitating efficient competitions.

Add Value to Memberships

Increase the value of your membership offerings by providing members with access to MiScore and it’s helpful scoring features.

Evironmentally Friendly

Reduce environmental impact by significantly reducing the usage of paper scorecards, ink, toner, and other printing materials.

Encourage Digital Scoring

Create greater efficiency within your golf operations by encouraging club members to use digital score entry for competitions.