MiScore App Features

Calculate and submit scores, measure distance, track time played, or view leaderboards. MiScore is loaded with helpful features that make scoring effortless and enjoyable. Whilst containing many useful features, MiScore is designed to not hinder the flow of the game. Score entry is easy and can be completed in a matter of seconds. We recommend placing mobile devices on silent mode, or do not disturb, whilst scoring to avoid unnecessary distraction.

MiScore Automated Score Tally

Automatic Score Tally

Save time with an automated score tally. Enter your gross scores or strokes and MiScore will calculate results based on handicap and course index.

The automatic results calculation reduces human error and confusion in scoring. This leaves more time to focus on the game! Don’t waste time at the end of a round worrying if you’ve added up all the scores correctly.

GPS Distance Measurement

Before taking your shot, you can observe your distance in metres from the pin, a bunker, or the middle of the green. This value is available from the top right of the score entry screen.

Tapping the distance button from the score entry screen will take you to an interactive GPS distance map. From there, tap any point on the map to measure distances from your location.

MiScore GPS Distance Measurement
MiScore score entry interface

Round Timer

MiScore has a useful round timer on the top left of the score entry screen. This helps golfers stay mindful of playing time between holes and encourages an appropriate pace of play.

Digital Signature

Confirm scores with an on-screen digital signature at the end of your round. During the COVID-19 period, you can get verbal confirmation from your playing partner and sign the marker field for them. This eliminates the need to swap physical scorecards.

Using a mobile device to confirm scores allows you to conveniently submit your score from anywhere in the facility. The course, the bar, or even your car. Just confirm with your partner, then sign away and press a button to submit.

Screen Saver

Save precious phone battery while you play! The MiScore screen saver activates after 30 seconds of no phone contact. With a single tap of the screen you can open back to the score entry interface and continue scoring without having to unlock your phone.