About MiScore

MiScore is a digital scoring app that can be used for competition or social scoring at registered venues that use MiClub golf management software. The app is extremely easy to use and comes with helpful features like automatic score calculation, a GPS distance measurement tool, and round timer for managing pace of play. Golf club members using MiScore for competition scoring can view live leaderboards and player statistics in-app.

With a subscription ($16.50/year) Golfers can use MiScore at all 500+ registered venues. If you want to know if a venue is registered just ask the golf staff. You can also find out by searching our list of Registered Venues.

MiScore app on golf buggy at the green

What if my club doesn't use MiClub?

Unfortunately, if a golf club or course does not use MiClub software, you cannot use the MiScore app at that venue. MiScore’s competition scoring and GPS functionality is directly linked to the MiClub golf management system. This ensures that course information within the app is kept up-to-date like indexes and GPS coordinates for the holes.

If you are a committee looking to adopt the MiClub system and offer digital scoring at your golf club, you can send MiClub an email to enquire about the system. Get in contact today!

The Rules of Golf

As per the rules of golf, players can score electronically in competitions if it has been approved by the local committee.  Therefore, to use MiScore in competitions as a member or visitor, this form of scoring must be approved by the golf club or course. If you are entering a competition, and wish to use MiScore, we recommend checking with the venue first to see if this option is available.

If you want some more information about the rules surrounding digital scoring, take a look at the R&A website. The R&A is an organisation that governs the rules of golf alongside other national bodies like the USGA and Golf Australia.

Rule 3.3b(2)/1 that governs competitions states that players are required to enter only scores on a scorecard. “The scorecard may be in any paper or electronic form approved by the committee…”.

Jodie on the fairway

Competition Types

MiScore is compatible with a wide range of competition types including Stableford, Par, Stroke, Fourball, and Foursomes. New competitions are being added all the time. Click the button below to view the full list of competition types compatible with MiScore.

Golfer in bunker

Cyclops Phone & GPS Holder

For an optimal scoring experience, we recommend using MiScore with a phone or GPS holder that attaches to your golf buggy. Removing the need take your phone out of your pocket and unlock the device speeds up the score entry process. There are a number of manufacturers that offer phone holders. We have found that Cyclops has a great product designed for golf buggies.

Cyclops Golf Buggy GPS and Phone Holder